How to Prepare for an Intentional Summer

This weekend, my sister Mellie got into town.  She is living with me this summer and interning at Nokuse Plantation, where she is researching gopher tortoises. As soon as she arrived, we sat down with stickers and fun markers and pens and started brainstorming.  We put together a Summer Bucket List, with the goal of making this summer an intentional one.  I am so used to my usual routine that if I don’t change things up, the Summer season can easily pass me by… well, not this year!


If you’re wondering what XL Shakes Shakes are, check out Shakes Destin’s website.  Their  frozen custard milkshakes are like no other.  They are so rich and creamy and decadent that you can just feel your thighs expanding (but soooo worth it).  We decided this would be a perfect end-of-summer treat.

After creating our bucket list, we were motivated to start checking things off immediately.  Our afternoon consisted of a yummy lunch with a friend at The Local Market, followed by a trip to the playground. Carla May loved the tire swing, and we enjoyed it, too!


It was a hot hot HOT day, so we set up the splash pad in the backyard next and had a BLAST!  Carla May loves water, and I adore watching her splash around.  We got the splash pad for $20 on Amazon (I think the brand is Bonzai?), and I can already tell we are going to get our moneys-worth this summer.


Another thing Carla May and I did this weekend was buy more flowers at Lowe’s.  We always have fun looking at all the plants, especially the succulents.  While she was napping, I replanted my flower beds with vinca and salvia.  I had unfortunately overwatered the last batch and killed most of them… Gardening is certainly a learning process, but I am determined to turn this brown thumb green!


Have you ever created a Summer Bucket List?  What do you want to accomplish this summer?

Also, please share your gardening tips with me!




2 thoughts on “How to Prepare for an Intentional Summer

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