Monday Meme Round-Up

First, a real life meme:

Yes, this happened last night, one of those gross things you don’t think about before having a kiddo…  I discovered what had happened when Carla May tried to grab a piece of poop that started floating by (omg omg omg).

I remained (somewhat) calm, picked up the baby, sprinted to the kitchen, and quickly sanitized her with my Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena soap in the sink.  I whipped a diaper on that butt super fast and put her in her bouncy seat while I proceeded to scrub down the entire bathroom, throw away half her bath toys (all the ones with a squeaky hole where poo water could have breached) and the washrag, and bleach everything in sight.

All that to say, sometimes life feels like a meme.

Anyway, here are some heckin doggo memes to start your week off right:

My dogs are still shaking from last year

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[awareness intensifies] thx 4 following @chaos.reigns_ 🙏

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Smol Doggo doin a thing (everything is so fun I'm glad to be here)

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