Friday Favorites

This week Carla May was making a weird noise when she inhaled, so we went back to the doctor’s office to check on it.  She proceeded to tear the doctor’s office apart, and had a mighty fine time doing it.  Thankfully, she got a clean bill of health!  Sometimes babies make weird sounds for no reason.


We also spent a fair amount of time hanging out with our doggies this week (as usual) and I managed to capture this gem of Carla May and Hayduke snuggling.  She was sitting on my lap and he just cuddled up right next to her.


Anyway, here a few other things that brought me joy this week:

Betting on Zero

Image result

Chatham picked this movie out the other night because it received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it certainly lived up to that standard.  Betting on Zero is a documentary about hedge fund manager Bill Ackman’s short position on the company Herbalife, a multilevel marketing direct sales company that Ackman accuses of being a pyramid scheme.  The documentary covers Herbalife’s history, investigates the company’s business model, interviews people that sell or sold products for Herbalife, and follows along as Ackman tries to share his research with the market and subsequently gets in a public fight with Carl Icahn.  I finished this documentary feeling enraged but grateful to the producer for sharing the story.


This comic from The Oatmeal that came out this week is a really good illustration of the “Backfire Effect,” which is something I studied in one of my MBA classes and is very relevant to our society today.

Plus, The Oatmeal has wonderful comics in general.  Like this one:

My dog every time I leave the house.

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Our Photo Shoot Pictures!!!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that we did a “Mommy and Me” photoshoot (plus Chatham, too!) with Darris Hartman.  We got all of our photographs back this week and I absolutely love them!


Some people might think photoshoots are a little silly, especially when we take so many pictures with our phones these days, but I disagree.


A real photographer with a nice camera can capture images far better than I can with my phone.


I know I will treasure these photographs and the memories they conjure for years to come.



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