Friday Favorites

​This week, Carla May started babbling, and I swear SHE SAID MAMA!  I doubt she knows what it means yet, but I am thrilled beyond words anyway.  Here’s video proof:

​We also went to her six-month check-up where she proceeded to tear apart anything she could get her hands on.  She was fascinated by the piece of paper she ripped off of the table.  Chatham observed that it was probably because, “it’s like a giant tag.”  (She is obsessed with tags right now, so much so that I have been leaving them on any new toys she gets….)

Six-Month Checkup-1

Also, how is my baby already six months old????? I feel like I just had her last week.  Excuse me while I get emotional….

Anyway, here are a few more things that brought me joy this week:

Bullet Journaling

I had tried all of the popular planners out there before I stumbled upon bullet journaling about a year ago. Bullet journaling is basically a method of streamlining your thoughts through the use of lists and bullet points.  I use my bullet journal to plan for the future, meal plan for the week, and jot down my daily to-do lists and events.  I also use it to track sleep for both me and Carla May, and it is useful for writing down memories or quotes or really anything I’d like to save.

A lot of folks use their bullet journal as a creative outlet, and if I’m feeling super-nerdy, I’ll look up the hashtag #bujo on Instagram. (WARNING: It is easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole this way!)  As an example, here is a post from one of my favorite bullet journal Instagram accounts:

I may write a post in the future to give you a peek into my “bujo” and show you how I have customized the system to work for me.  If you’re interested, the inventor of the bullet journal method put together a video intro AND one of my favorite bloggers wrote a post about bullet journaling this week.

Taking My Baby to Work

I am so lucky to have an understanding workplace where I can bring my daughter to work with me three days a week.  We have been lucky that she is a great napper, so I know I’ll have 4-5 hours of uninterrupted time to get things done while she asleep in our conference room.  It is amazing how efficient being a mommy has made me.  I can get more done in those 4-5 hours now than I could in an entire workday before.  AND if she is super-fussy and I don’t get much done, I have the two days each week when she is at home with the sitter and I have my office all to myself.

Office Baby-1

At the advice of some good friends with very well-behaved young children, we have been implementing some independent playtime which we usually do while we are at the office.  This is great for her creative development (AKA tag-identification skills) and it is good time for me to get work done, too!

There was a great write-up of a similar woman’s experience in last Sunday’s New York Times: Take Your Baby to Work.  In the article, author Sarita James advocates for others to bring their babies to work and shares that benefits include employee retention and satisfaction.  She also shared the surprising statistic (although not that surprising when you think about it) that when parents brought their babies to retail jobs, it actually increased revenues, since customers came back to shop more frequently

Kina Grannis cover of “Creep” by Radiohead

Kina’s beautiful voice makes me want to listen to this again and again.

1990’s hit + modern cover + amazing vocals = recipe for success, IMO


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