Baby’s First Flight! – Our Weekend Trip to Jupiter, Florida

Florida Wildlife Federation is an amazing organization that works with citizens and legislators to protect and preserve conservation lands for wildlife in the state of Florida.  I have really enjoyed getting involved and serving as a Board member over the last three years.

FWF’s Annual Awards Banquet and Spring Board meeting was held this past weekend in Jupiter.  I had to miss the last two meetings, one because I was super-pregnant and the other because Carla May was still too little to travel, so Stella, Carla May, and I were excited to attend!


Our trip started off with Carla May’s very first plane ride!  I was so nervous about this flight, since Carla May tends to get fussy if you aren’t moving – she prefers you to walk around while holding her rather than sit down.


Luckily my worries were unfounded – she slept almost the entire flight!  My arms and shoulders were sore the next day from holding still, but an hour and a half of uninterrupted snuggle-time was so nice.


We stayed at the Wyndham Grand, which is where the Banquet and Board Meeting were also held, and we couldn’t have asked for a better setup.  Their basic room is comparable to a suite, with both a bedroom area and a living room area, separated by a wall.  This layout was perfect for us, since we were able to set up the pack-n-play in the living room area and turn it into a nursery.

Our room was on the same floor as the banquet hall and conference room, which was very convenient.  Although our room was in a highly-trafficked location between the elevators and the ballrooms, we didn’t hear a peep!  Carla May napped like a champ all weekend (and we slept pretty good, too).


The Awards Banquet was lovely. We were seated right next to a family with a sweet little boy about a year older than Carla May.  The two kiddos were fascinated with each other, which was delightful to watch.  She is usually fussy in the evenings, but we kept her entertained with asparagus spears.


The weather was beautiful on Saturday, so while I attended the Board meeting, Carla May and Stella strolled all over Jupiter (and did a little shopping, too!).


On Saturday afternoon, we took Carla May for her first dip in the pool.  The Wyndham had a great pool setup as well, with a large hot tub, an infinity-edge pool, and a huge poolside bar.  The pool is located on the third-floor deck overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway.  While we were at the pool, there was a wedding taking place on a boat docked below, and there were several people in formal attire watching the ceremony from the pool deck.  The atmosphere on the deck was festive, and everyone at the pool was cheering when the groom kissed the bride.


As much as Carla May loves bathtime, I knew she would love the pool!  She was infatuated with the water and kept splashing with her feet and trying to “grab” the water with her hands.  I had to stop her from  gumming the edge of the pool and drinking the water though.


After our pool deck adventure, Carla May took a nap while Stella and I got ready for dinner.  The Florida Wildlife group got together at a board member’s home on the Loxahatchee River.  The food and company was wonderful, but our favorite dinner guests were the hosts’ two boxers.  The younger boxer and Carla May quickly developed a fondness for one another that was so sweet to watch.  The boxer would put her head on Carla May’s tummy, and Carla May would laugh and laugh!


Seeing as how dogs are usually my favorite party guests, I can’t say I’m surprised that my daughter is the exact same way.


We woke up to rain on Sunday, so we didn’t mind heading back home.  The turbulence didn’t bother our tiny passenger, who slept soundly throughout the entire flight!


I wish I had gotten a video of Carla May reuniting with the beagles after being gone all weekend.  Hayduke and Pocket were prancing in circles around her while she giggled at them.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I feel a lot more confident about traveling with a baby after this weekend, and I am looking forward to many more adventures to come! ❤


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