Carla May’s First Easter

What a wonderful Easter weekend!  I have said before that I thought holidays were fun as a kid, but now I know that they are WAY more fun as a parent!  Chatham fished for most of the weekend (still cobia season…), so Carla May and I spent our time enjoying the beautiful weather with family.

Any holiday is a good excuse for me to make a dessert.  For Easter this year, I baked a delicious strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.  I used this recipe from Paula Deen, and I have to admit that I ate probably a half cup of icing in the process of frosting this cake… oops.

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so we decorated eggs in my sister-in-law’s backyard.  Carla May was too little to help but she loved watching her cousins (and their French bulldog, of course).

Carla May and I went to the early service at church.  I was nervous about taking her by myself, but she did (pretty) well!  We sat in the very back row, and I gave her a bottle to keep her quiet during the sermon.  She gulped it down and let out a HUGE burp.  People three rows up turned around to look and laugh.  She did get a little feisty as it got closer and closer to naptime, but a sweet new friend with a one-year-old in the back row shared some organic yogurt drops with us.  Food-lover that she is, this settled Carla May right down.  With me not knowing how to juggle communion with two hands occupied, we slipped out a little early.

Even though it was warm and sunny this weekend, we just had to get a few shots of Carla May (and her sidekick) in her sweet bunny coat!  This was a gift from her beloved “Aunt Di.”  The brand is Olive & Cocoa, which I had never heard of before, but the packaging, presentation, and details on this precious coat were amazing!

This loved little girl got TWO baskets from the Easter Bunny, but of course her favorite toy of the day was her Lottie’s water bottle.

Chatham bought Carla May’s Easter dress for her in New York City right after we found out we were having a little girl.  The fabric is a Liberty of London print that matches her blue eyes perfectly.  It is so special seeing her in a dress that we had envisioned her wearing what seems like so long ago.


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