Friday Favorites

The Morgan family had a great week.  This week’s post about cobia season was timely, since Chatham and the Hey Baby crew caught the biggest fish I have ever seen over the weekend, winning the Crab Cruncher Classic tournament!

One of our favorite photographers did a “Mommy and Me” session with us at sunset on the Bay one night this week (we let Chatham sneak in a few shots, too!).  I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!

Finally, Carla May participated in her very first Easter egg hunt at the Destin Library.  She wasn’t very good at finding eggs, but she loved watching the older kids and adored snuggling with the Easter bunny!

Anyway, here are five things that brought me joy this week:

Holidays as a Parent

I always thought holidays were fun as a kid, but I had no idea how much more fun they are as a parent.  I mean, does it get more fun than putting your naked baby in a basket with a stuffed bunny to take Easter pictures??? No.  The answer is no.

Libbo Morgan Easter Baskets

My sister-in-law is an amazing artist, and every Easter, she creates baskets painted with the designs of your choice.  Since Carla May is obsessed with dogs, I asked her to paint our puppies on her basket.  She delivered it this week, and it is SO cute!  See for yourself:

The Fresh Market Little Big Meal deal

Fresh Market has an awesome meal deal that truly encourages my laziness (efficiency?).  Examples of previous meals we have enjoyed include homemade pizzas, lasagna and salad, burgers, and stir fry.  They usually include a main dish, a vegetable side dish, a carb, and a dessert for around around $20.  The amount of food is usually enough for dinner for me and Chatham one night and then leftovers for lunch for me.  I include a Little Big Meal deal in my meal plan almost every week.  This week we had chicken cordon bleu, roasted vegetables, rice pilaf, and oatmeal raisin cookies!

Victoria Beckham for Target

What a fun surprise!  I had not heard about Victoria Beckham’s mother-daughter clothing line beforehand but lucked out and saw it on a friend’s Instagram the day of the launch.  Carla May and I booked it to Target, and while it was already pretty picked over when we got there, we were able to score a few amazing finds, including this adorable look that fits her now, and matching pink floral shift dresses for Easter next year!

 “Bucket” by Greg Brown

This song came out over a decade ago, but I just discovered it in the last week or two.  Listening to Greg Brown’s deep, soulful vocals over soothing guitar picking just puts me in a mood to relax.  I have had this song on repeat this week.


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